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LED Lighting for Offices and Waiting Rooms

Do you want to increase your employees’ productivity and well-being? Or do you want your customers/patients to feel relaxed and at ease instead of dazzled and stressed out? Consider replacing conventional lamps by energy-efficient LED lights!
All types of LEDs presented on this site are optionally dimmable, which allows you to control the atmosphere in your spaces with a switch, remote or even with your smartphone. More information on dimming can be found in our blog. Do not underestimate the positive effect that the right ambient light can have on people’s moods!
As a wholesale business, we offer a wide variety of different LED lamps for commercial purposes, including the interior illumination of offices and waiting rooms. 

Advantages of LED lighting for offices:

Save costs and increase energy efficiency:

  • same light yield as conventional lights while being more energy- and cost-efficient (save up to 60% of energy costs!)
  • less maintenance and cleaning effort needed
  • competitive wholesale prices  

Increase your employees' productivity and well-being:

  • less strain on the eyes thanks to improved visibility, less shadows and better light spread
  • improved concentration, less inner stress and decreased fatigue due to non-flickering lights

Improved customer/patient/employee satisfaction:

  • better mood due to a more pleasant atmosphere and increased visual comfort
  • differentiation from the competition through more modern, sustainable working spaces
  • suggestion: let your employees decide about their preferred light colour / dimming level to enhance their involvement! 


LED product recommendations for offices

LED Panels

LED panels emit a soft and non-dazzling, but nonetheless bright and extensive light - hardly comparable with conventional ceiling lights. We offer high-quality, but reasonably priced ► LED panels in various sizes and light colours. You can either install them directly in a grid ceiling (normally 60x60cm) or use our mounting frames or suspension systems to attach the panel to your ceiling. All of our panels are optionally dimmable (including a colour-changing option called RGB+CCT), which lets you control the atmosphere and mood in your office rooms even better. Please note that all of our panels are splash-water proof.

LED Panel 30x120 RGB+CCT 36W
LED Panel 30x120 RGB+CCT 36W

€ 74,99 *

in stock
Mi-Light 4 Zone Remote Dual White
Mi-Light 4 Zone Remote Dual White

€ 9,99 *

in stock

LED Downlights

This type of ► recessed ceiling light is, compared to LED panels, more flexibly placeable due to its smaller size and also somewhat brighter and illuminates less diffusely. Downlights usually come in a round shape, although we also offer square options in our assortment. All of our downlights are conveniently dimmable - either by a dimmer switch or by a remote, if you opt for a colour changing RGB+CCT downlight.


Customizable LED Ceilings

Our LED panels can also be used to create your own special ► LED ceilings. For this purpose, we offer light acrylic glass plates which you can install beneath LED panels with at least 5000 Kelvin (light colour: cold white). You can either choose between our default designs (mostly lightly clouded blue skies) or send in your own, individual design, which we will then print on the acrylic glass plates. A very special and beautiful, but nonetheless simple and energy efficient way to give your waiting room that little something extra!


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