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LED Lighting for Schools & Universities

Just like your students are the future of our society, LEDs are the future of lighting.
Did you know that a switch from conventional lights to LED lights can not only significantly reduce your energy costs and your facility’s carbon footprint, but also increase your students’ well-being and their ability to concentrate at the same time?
It’s time for a change towards modern, pleasantly illuminated classrooms and lecture halls, where students feel comfortable and motivated to learn and thrive!

Advantages of LED lighting for schools / universities:

Save costs and increase sustainability:

  • same light yield as conventional lights while being more energy- and cost-efficient
  • long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • less maintenance and cleaning effort needed

Increase your students'/teachers' well-being and health:

  • less strain on the eyes thanks to improved visibility, less shadows and better light spread
  • improved concentration, decreased fatigue and reduced hyper-activity due to non-flickering lights

Differentiate your educational facility from competitors:

  • better image as a result of modern fittings, increased quality of studying (see above) and therefore improved study results
  • position yourself as a sustainable, up-to-date institute which cares about the environment and its energy consumption

Product recommendations for educational institutions:

LED Panels

If you already have a grid ceiling, LED panels are a highly efficient way of providing wide-spread, evenly distributed lighting to large rooms. They are ultra slim, do not accumulate dust / dirt and provide a pleasant, non-flickering and diffuse illumination.
Moreover, they are easy to install, even on regular, non-grid ceilings. For this, you can acquire mounting frames or suspension frames that fit in perfectly with all of our high-quality ► LED panels.


LED Tubes

You can save up to 55% of your energy costs when replacing your fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED tubes. They only emit light in a downward direction, which ensures the same light output as regular tube lights - only in a more sustainable, cost-saving and durable way. You don’t even need to order a new fixture, you can just replace your old T8 tubes 1:1 by our T8 LED tubes. In case you did not use tube lights as a light source until now, we also offer valuable fixtures in different sizes.
LED Tube 120 cm 18W 6000K Cold White
LED Tube 120 cm 18W 6000K Cold White

€ 8,99 *

in stock
LED Tube 150 cm 22W 3000K Warm White
LED Tube 150 cm 22W 3000K Warm White

€ 9,99 *

in stock
LED Tube 60 cm 10W 4000K Natural White
LED Tube 60 cm 10W 4000K Natural White

€ 5,99 *

in stock
LED Tube Fixture 120 cm IP20 White
LED Tube Fixture 120 cm IP20 White

€ 7,99 *

in stock

LED Downlights

These recessed ceiling lights, as compared to LED panels, provide a more directional (however still relatively extensive) light. Due to their smaller size, they are perfect for highlighting certain areas of a room, e.g. the speaker’s table or workbenches, hence increasing the students’ attention to the illuminated areas. You can easily mount them to every ceiling without the need of frames or suspension systems.
Another advantage: All of our ► LED Downlights are dimmable, which allows you to control the atmosphere in your lecture room as needed.


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