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LED Panels are perfect lights for offices, corridors, classrooms or meeting rooms. The applications are endless and the implementation easy to do. Our LED Panels are easy to connect and will fit well in suspended ceilings of different sizes. They can also be mounted at any location with a use of an extension frame.

Whether you want to create a warmly lit room with cosy atmosphere, a brightly lit room that increases a department's productivity, with our UGR<19 panels, or illuminate a room with cold bright light to show every detail of it, then Ledpanelgroothandel.nl is the right place for you.  
We offer high quality LED Panels in 4 different light colours and in 6 different sizes. In addition, our LED Panels can also be used in damp rooms, for example in a bathroom.


Various types of LED panels

We have a wide range of LED panels. Below you will find an overview of all the types of panels we offer.  

Standard Lumen LED Panels
Our standard lumen panels are available in the following sizes: 30x30, 30x60, 60x60, 62x62 & 30x120. They are fairly economical both in terms of consumption and purchase price. These panels are available in all different white temperatures. On top of that, these panels have a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours. The panels can be identified by their silver coloured frame. These panels are dimmable.

High Lumen LED panels
Our high lumen panels are available in sizes starting at 60x60. These panels are available in all different white temperatures. These panels produce between 100 and 120 lumens per watt. The panels have an IP value of 41 and come with a white or silver frame. In addition, the panels are optionally dimmable. The panels have a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours and are low in consumption. 

High Lumen V2.0 LED panels
Our high lumen version 2 panels are available in all sizes. The panels have a very high luminous efficiency, producing 125 lumens per watt. This is why these panels also qualify for the Energy Investment Deduction. The panels are offered in all different white temperatures and come with a white frame. The panels are also optionally dimmable.

Back-lit LED Panels
Our back-lit panels are available in the colour natural white (4000K) and in the sizes 60x60 and 30x120. The back-lit panels produce 100 lumens per watt and last for 50,000 hours. The panels are lightweight and economical in their energy consumption. These LED panels have their LED chips located at the back of the panel. This creates an efficient light flow as less luminous flux is lost. However, these panels cannot be dimmed.

URG 19 LED panels
Our UGR19 panels are commonly used in office areas. This is because the panels have a UGR value that is equal to or lower than 19. Therefore, these panels help to reduce glare for optimal use in offices. These panels are available in the sizes 60x60, 62x62 and 30x120 in all different white colour temperatures. This panel produces between 100 and 120 lumens per watt and has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The UGR19 panels also have the option of dimming.

How many m2 does a LED Panel illuminate at a height of 3 metres?

  Standard Panel High Lumen Panel High Lumen 2.0 Panel Back-lit Panel UGR19 Panel
30x30 - - 4.5m2 - -
30x60 4m2 - - - -
60x60 6m2 8.3m2 8.25m2 8m2 8.3m2
62x62 6.8m2 9.2m2 8.25m2 - 9.2m2
30x120 6m2 8.3m2 8.25m2 8m2 8.3m2
60x120 - 14.4m2 15m2 - -

The calculation above is based on an office space with a ceiling height of 3 metres. To calculate how many m2 a panel illuminates, you can use the following calculation:

1. How many square metres (m²) is the room you want to illuminate?
2. How many lux is recommended for your type of room?
3. Multiply the desired amount of lux by the total surface area. This will give you the total amount of Lumen you will need.
4. Then divide the number of lumens you need by the number of lumens of a LED light source. This will give you the amount of light sources needed to optimally light a room.


What is lux?

Lux is the amount of lumen that illuminates a certain surface. This is also referred to as the light intensity. One lux is equal to 1 lumen per square metre (m²). However, the light intensity varies depending on the height at which the light source is hung. The higher the light source is placed, the lower the lux value becomes at the illuminated area. If the distance between the light source and the surface area doubles, the lux value drops by the square. To calculate the number of lux that illuminates an area, divide the number of lumens of the light source by the surface area you would like to illuminate.

The light colour of the LED panels

The LED panels are available in the following light colours, click on the links for more information: Do you need help with choosing the right light colour? 
Click here for more information about the light colours of our LED lighting.

Choose here the right size of the panels for your space.  ► Energy & money saving
► 5 year warranty
► Best quality
► 50,000 burning hours
► Free lighting advice
► Easy assembly
► Dimmable LED panels
► Environmentally friendly
► Suitable for damp places
► High light output

Do you need help or advice with choosing the LED panels? 

Our customer service will be happy to help you.
Do not hesitate and call us: +31 (0)20 26 00 008 or send an email to info@ledpanelwholesale.co.uk

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