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Here you will find GU10 LED Spots and recessed spots in different versions.

The energy-saving replacement for conventional halogen spotlights! You can choose between LED GU10 spotlights and LED Recessed spots for installation in your ceiling. We offer spotlights in various sizes, colours, luminous intensity (see number of lumens) and beam angles.
All our LED spots are dimmable
You can choose from the following light colours:

  • Warm White (2800K - 3000K)
  • Natural White (4000K)
  • Cold White (6000K)
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service
(+31 20-2600008 / info@ledpanelwholesale.co.uk).



Advantages of LED spotlights

LED spots have several advantages over traditional spots. For starters, LEDs are much more energy-efficient ( approximately 80%). They are in fact the most economical spots available. When replacing your traditional spots by LED, you will save a lot of energy and costs. In addition, LED spots last a relatively long time. On average, 20,000 hours. A halogen spotlight lasts only 2000 hours on average. So you will practically never have to replace the lighting. These advantages are not only beneficial for your finances, but also for the environment. 

Dimmable LED Spots

It is possible to dim the light with LED spotlights. Our LED GU10 spots are standard dimmable while our LED built-in spots are optionally dimmable. To dim these spots, you will need a dimmable driver. You can select this at the productpage.

Recessed LED spots & surface mounted LED spots

A LED spotlight can be integrated or surface-mounted. When, for example, you have a system ceiling or a lowered ceiling, a LED spot with recessed luminaire can be hidden in the ceiling. When this is not possible, you can choose to mount your spots by means of a surface mounted fixture. This fixture can be placed onto the ceiling.

Outdoor LED spots

A LED spotlight can be used outdoors. It is however important to pay close attention to the IP value of the fixture in which the spot is to be installed. IP44 is sufficient protection for a LED spot in an outdoor wall fixture, for example. IP68 is completely watertight.

LED spotlights in different light colours

Our spots are available in different colour temperatures. The colour temperatures are warm white, natural white and cold white. Warm white LED spotlights create a cosy atmosphere. These spots are very suitable for use in living rooms, bedrooms or restaurants, for example. The light colour of natural white LED spots corresponds best to natural daylight. Cold white LED spots produce light with a bluish glow and are often used in rooms where good visibility is essential. Besides LED spots in different colour temperatures, we also have RGB+CCT LED spots. With these LED spots, anything is possible. You can set all colours and all white light shades. To operate the spots, you need a remote control, wall control or WiFi module (for operation with your smartphone).

When purchasing LED spots, pay close attention to what you want to use the lighting for and choose the right light colour for the room and application.

Connecting a LED spotlight

Replacing your old halogen spots with LED spots is a piece of cake. Our spots have a GU10 fitting. This is the most widely used fitting. A halogen spotlight can therefore be replaced by a LED spotlight without any problems. Just like the halogen spots, the LED spots can be directly connected to 230V and are easy to connect. You could use the LED spots as your primary lighting, but you could also use them as accent lighting. Our LED spots can be used for different installation depths. Furthermore, various LED spots in our range are waterproof, which means that they can also be installed outdoors.

A LED GU10 spotlight can be placed in a GU10 fixture. These are available in many different types. For example, the LED spot can be placed in a ceiling fixture, wall fixture, recessed fixture or waterproof fixture. LED spots can be easily placed in a fixture. The fitting is already provided with the luminaires.


LED spots with remote control

LED spotlights can be operated with a remote control or wall control. For the white coloured LED spots, you should use a remote control or dual white wall control. This allows you to switch the lighting on/off and dim them. It is possible to link 4 lighting zones. For a coloured RGB+CCT spotlight, you should use an RGB+CCT control. This allows you to choose the light colour and adjust the colour intensity.

If you have any questions regarding our LED Spots, please contact our customer service (+31 20-2600008 / info@ledpanelwholesale.co.uk).


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