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Lighting advice and consultation

Illuminating a room properly is a task that often seems easier than it actually is. The lighting must be bright enough, but must not dazzle or damage the eyes. It should save energy and costs, but must provide sufficient light for the respective activities in the room - especially in the business area. Companies often even have to adhere to lighting guidelines in order to comply with occupational safety regulations.

In your private life, you can decide much more freely about your preferred room lighting in your home. However, it is also recommended here to inform yourself beforehand about the proper exposure in order to avoid unintentionally investing a lot of money in unsuitable lamps.

On this page you will find answers to popular questions before purchasing LED lamps. We will be happy to help you find the perfect light sources for your particular space! 
If you are still new to the subject, we advise you to also have a look at our encyclopedia of light page.


How many LED lamps do I need?

There are a number of factors that influence the lux values (illuminance on an area) and lumen values (luminous flux from a source) and that ultimately determine how many LED light sources you need.
  • The height of the ceiling: A high ceiling means less light on the floor and thus a lower lux value. 1 lux corresponds to 1 lumen/m2.
  • Windows: If a lot of outside light enters the room, less artificial lighting is needed during the day. This does not apply in the evening/at night, but should be taken into account during the day (e.g. in offices).
  • The colour of the ceiling, walls and floor: a white room reflects much more light than a dark room. In a brighter room, therefore, fewer light sources are required.

Which illuminance (lux) is recommended in which room?

Below is an excerpt from the guidelines for illuminance according to NEN-EN 12464-1:2011 Light and lighting - Lighting of workplaces - Part 1: Indoor workplaces
This European standard sets lighting requirements (in terms of visual comfort and performance) for employees working indoors.

Offices with workstation by the window 500 Lux
Common rooms 500 Lux
Conference rooms (dimmable) 400 Lux

Rooms (general):
Corridors 200 Lux
Canteen 200 Lux
Storage areas 75 Lux
Sanitary areas 100 Lux
Service rooms 100 Lux
Stairs 100 Lux

Gymnasium 375 Lux
Changing rooms 150 Lux
Classroom (dimmable) 500 Lux
Practical work rooms 750 Lux
Sanitary areas 100 Lux

Showrooms 350 Lux
Sales areas 350 Lux

Medical offices:
Examination rooms 1000 Lux
Dental practices 1000 Lux
Therapy rooms (dimmable) 300 Lux
Waiting rooms 300 Lux

Hotel rooms 300 lux
Kitchens 500 lux
Reception 200 Lux 


Which type of LED light is best suited for my business or area of use?

On the following pages you will find explanations, tips and product recommendations for various areas of application of LED lamps, both in the commercial and private sector. In addition, some types of LED light sources are presented on each site, which our experts consider to be recommended for the specific location. 

Commercial area: Private use:  

Do you have further questions and/or need advice?

Then please feel free to contact our customer service: call +31 20-2600008 or write an e-mail to info@ledpanelwholesale.co.uk. We’re happy to help you!

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