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Flickering of LED lighting

  Jeffrey     12-09-2019     Comments (2)

Flickering of LED lighting In the context of sustainable living and entrepreneurship, a lot of traditional lighting, such as halogen and incandescent lamps, are now being replaced by LED lighting. Not only because it is cheaper in use, but also because it is more environment-friendly. However, it is possible that LED lights have an unpleasant effect. LED lighting may flicker. In this blog we are glad to explain what the effects and causes of flickering LED lighting are and how you can solve them. In order to understand why light may flicker, we first need to know how electrical power and currents works.     Types of current and flickering lights   The flickering of light occurs in all types of lighting. For each type of lighting, the degree of flicker varies. Each type of lighting that receives its light through the socket is...

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Replace TL tubes with LED TL

  Annelies     12-09-2019     Comments (1)

Replace TL tubes with LED TL Are you thinking about replacing your TL tubes with LED TL? There are several advantages. LED lighting is very durable. Much less energy is needed to produce the same amount of light. This has a positive effect on the environment and you can also save a lot of money. In this blog we will explain how TL tubes and LED TL tubes work and how you can easily replace your old TL tubes with LED TL. We will also tell you more about the advantages of LED TL.   How does a TL tube work? TL stands for 'tube luminescent'. This is the French word for 'luminous tube'. A TL tube can emit light by generating ultraviolet radiation in a mercury discharge. The wall of the tube contains phosphorus powder. This fluorescent layer will light up by the ultraviolet radiation and in this way the lamp will emit light. To...

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5 Tips for a sustainable business

  Annelies     27-08-2019     Comments (0)

5 Tips for a sustainable business Sustainability is a topic that is receiving more and more attention. The news regularly covers climate change. According to the majority of scientists, this climate change is mainly caused by humans. The burning of fossil fuels causes a lot of CO2 in the air. This causes global warming. Many companies are aware of this and are already engaged in 'sustainable entrepreneurship'. How can you contribute to a better environment with your company? In this blog we give you 5 tips to make your company more sustainable.    Tip 1: Separate waste The first tip for a sustainable business is to separate waste. Put several waste bins in place with a clear description of what can be put in. Separating waste means that more can be recycled and less residual waste is incinerated. This reduces CO2 emissions and this...

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Why is LED lighting sustainable?

  Annelies     27-08-2019     Comments (0)

Why is LED lighting sustainable? As you may have heard: LED lighting is much more sustainable than traditional lighting. It's even the most sustainable lighting on the market today. What makes LED lighting so sustainable? There are several reasons for this. In this blog we explain what is meant by sustainability. We also explain why LED is more sustainable than traditional lighting.     What is sustainability? Sustainability is a very broad concept. It's about ensuring that people, nature and the economy are in balance with each other. A company that operates sustainably therefore takes into account the impact of activities on people and nature. The use of LED lighting can contribute to a better environment. Below we explain why this is.   Low energy consumption LED LED lighting consumes far less energy than...

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To what should I pay attention when buying LED lighting?

  Jeffrey     14-08-2019     Comments (0)

To what should I pay attention when buying LED lighting? LED lighting has become the new standard. This is because it lasts longer, is more cost efficient in use and is better for the environment. However, not everyone has switched to LED lights yet. There is still a whole group of people who do not opt for LED lights. The main argument is the lower purchase price of, for example, incandescent or energy-saving light bulbs. Although this is the case in the short term, it is not the case for the longer term. It is possible that you don't know what to look for when you buy LED lights. In that case we would like to give you a helping hand. In this blog we will discuss what you should pay attention to when purchasing LED lighting.   Wattage or Lumen for LED lights?   In the case of traditional types of lighting, particular attention had to be paid to the wattage of...

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The return on investment of LED lighting

  Annelies     14-08-2019     Comments (0)

The return on investment of LED lighting LED lighting is known for being very energy efficient. LED lighting also has a long life span. However, it is an investment to replace all your lighting with LED. How quickly will this investment be recouped? And how is it possible that LED consumes much less power than traditional lighting? You can read more about it in this blog   Saving energy with LED lighting LED lighting is very energy efficient. Therefore a lot of energy (and money) can be saved when using LED lighting. LED lighting needs much less power than incandescent or halogen lamps, while the same amount of light can be produced. An incandescent lamp consumes a lot of electricity because the lamp also gets very hot. A large part of the energy is therefore lost to this. With an incandescent lamp, the electricity runs through a filament. The...

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URG - Glare caused by light

  Jeffrey     02-08-2019     Comments (0)

URG - Glare caused by light A variety of values are important when it comes to light sources. Think of IP values, CRI values, Kelvin values and brightness in Lumen. In this article we are talking about UGR values. In short, the UGR value has to do with glare. Everyone experiences this from time to time. Have you, for example, ever had to deal with a bright sun that impeded your vision? Or has anyone ever been shining a flashlight in your face? UGR has everything to do with this. UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. This value indicates the extent to which there is glare at a measured position. An URG value can never be directly linked to a light source. The degree of glare depends on the position and viewing angle of the user and other factors such as ambient light and reflective light.   It is important to realise the right UGR value to avoid...

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LED lighting in horticulture

  Annelies     01-08-2019     Comments (0)

LED lighting in horticulture In order to have a successful farm, it is important to work efficiently. An important step is the use of LED lighting. The switch to LED lighting can help both horticulture and livestock farms to make significant savings. The advantages are especially great for the horticultural sector. For example, think of application in greenhouses, vertical agriculture and other indoor cultivation. In this blog we explain all the advantages of LED lighting in agriculture and horticulture.    Saving energy In a horticultural or livestock farm it is necessary to use a lot of lighting. Think of lighting large barns, stables or greenhouses. This costs a lot of energy and therefore money. Switching to LED lighting can save a lot of money. LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting. There is a saving of 60 to...

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Light output (Lumen, Power and Lux)

  Jeffrey     18-07-2019     Comments (0)

Light output (Lumen, Power and Lux) At Ledpanelwholesale you will find product descriptions for each product with specifications for the respective product. In the specifications we find the term 'Lumen' with a related value. For a professional, this must be a familiar term. In this blog we explain what Lumen is, and how this value can best be interpreted.   What is Lumen? (Luminous intensity or luminous flux)   With Lumen we indicate the light intensity, or light output, of a light. It indicates how bright a light is by measuring how much visible light it emits in all directions. In short, the number of lumens indicates how much light a lamp can produce per unit of time.     Lumen and Power? (Luminous efficiency or Specific Luminous Flux)   The number of lumens that a light emits is always related to the power...

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Which light intensity is suitable for which room?

  Annelies     18-07-2019     Comments (0)

Which light intensity is suitable for which room? Different rooms need different amounts of light. Have you heard of the terms lumen and lux? These terms indicate the amount of light and the intensity of light. There is often a lack of clarity about these terms and about which light intensities/amounts are suitable for different types of rooms. In this blog we therefore clearly explain the difference between the terms lumen and lux and give you a clear overview of the luminance levels that are suitable to be used in different rooms.    Lumen Lumen is the measure of the amount of light. It is a photometric measure. This means that a subjective element, the human eye, is taken into account. The eye is more sensitive to certain colour temperatures than to others. For this reason, different light colors can cause different impressions of the amount of light....

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Human Centric Lighting

  Jeffrey     05-07-2019     Comments (0)

Human Centric Lighting Light and lighting technologies are constantly changing. In this way, light becomes more and more valuable and we continue to experience new advantages that light sources can bring. As we have discussed in previous blogs, we see that lighting achieves ever greater efficiency and thus saves energy. In addition, other applications of light are being discovered, such as internet via light . Our bodies are very dependent on light. There is a lot of research going on nowadays on the effect of what light does to our bodies. These studies focus on the effects on our emotional well being, health and work efficiency. The human body is used to the fact that light changes over the course of a day. For example, the daylight in the afternoon has a different colour and glow than in the evening or morning. By recognising these colours of the...

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What is the right colour temperature for LED lighting?

  Annelies     04-07-2019     Comments (0)

What is the right colour temperature for LED lighting? LED lighting is available in different light colours. With RGB LED lighting all colours can be formed. White LED lighting can vary in colour temperature. Why is choosing the right light colour so important? Different colour temperatures are suitable for different room types. In an operating room, for example, it is not desirable for warm white light to restrict visibility. In addition to the practical aspect, different colour temperatures create a certain atmosphere and the colour temperature also influences the biological rhythm of people. LED lighting is therefore available in different light colours. The colour temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). The lower the number of Kelvin, the warmer and more yellow the colour of the light is. The higher the number of Kelvin, the colder and more blue the colour of the light is....

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How to live more sustainable

  Jeffrey     20-06-2019     Comments (0)

How to live more sustainable What is sustainability? Sustainability is attracting more and more attention. We've all heard of it, but not everyone knows what we can do ourselves to live more sustainably and thus contribute to a healthier environment. In essence, sustainability is a broad concept. Sustainability is about balancing people, nature and the economy. It also means that we have to think about the depletion of the earth. Sustainability therefore includes all the efforts we can make to improve the environment, or at least to reduce pollution and depletion of the earth as much as possible. In addition, sustainability also involves limiting the violation of human rights. As an example, we at Led Panel Wholesale always strive for the smallest possible ecological footprint. We do this by reducing the environmental impact, energy consumption and...

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How does LED work?

  Jeffrey     19-06-2019     Comments (0)

How does LED work? How does LED produce light?   LED lights are increasingly available as a replacement for other types of traditional lighting, such as; incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lighting. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes are a form of solid-state lighting. This means that LED lighting, semiconductors are used to produce light instead of a filament (incandescent lamps) or a gas discharge (fluorescent lamps). By running current through these semiconductors, these materials emit light. The colour of this light depends on the type of semiconductor used. The advantage of this type of lighting is that it produces little heat and is more resistant to impacts, vibrations, shocks and wear. As a result, the lifespan is considerably longer than other forms of lighting.   How does LED emit different colours?   LED light can...

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Li-Fi network: Internet Through LED Lights

  Jeffrey     07-06-2019     Comments (0)

Wireless means of communication have become indispensable in our daily lives. We use it all day long without thinking about it. The use of these wireless means of communication have become at least as usual as the use of water and electricity. So we are increasingly dependent on technology that ensures that data is effectively transferred. Despite strong progress and innovation in this area, most systems have only a certain capacity. Radio waves have only a limited spectrum suitable for wireless data transmission. Data is transmitted by means of electromagnetic waves (radio waves). This method is scarce and expensive. There will come a time when this technology will no longer be able to meet the demand for data transmission. In order to meet this need, we will have to start thinking about alternatives. For some, the solution to the...

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Festival season: LED lighting for events

  Annelies     06-06-2019     Comments (0)

Festival season: LED lighting for events Summer is here and that means the festival season has opened. It seems as if more festivals are appearing every year to the point where you could attend several festivals each weekend. These are mostly music festivals, but also other types of festivals are becoming more and more popular. For example, think of food festivals and light festivals like the 'Amsterdam Light Festival'. In the Netherlands 1115 festivals are being organized in 2019. Such a large number of events attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors has a major impact on the environment. An important trend we see is that festivals pay more and more attention to sustainability. It can even be said that festivals are leading in this field. Many events are already taking measures, such as recycling waste. What is often not thought of is the use of LED lighting,...

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How does an IP value work?

  Jeffrey     31-05-2019     Comments (0)

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Inspiration: Plants and LED outdoor lighting

  Annelies     23-05-2019     Comments (0)

Inspiration: Plants and LED outdoor lighting LED lighting is not only ideal for illuminating indoor spaces, but can also be used very well outdoors. For example, think of lighting in a garden, lighting on the terrace of a restaurant or lighting on the facade of an office. The possibilities are endless and it is therefore possible that you do not yet have a clear picture of this. LED outdoor lighting can provide a very nice and atmospheric effect, provides more security and is also energy efficient. There are many different applications of LED outdoor lighting. In this blog we will discuss a number of these applications so that you can get a clear picture of them and get inspired by them.   Applications of LED outdoor lighting Lighting of trees and plants Trees are one of the more beautiful elements of a garden or courtyard. To make them stand out in the...

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Sustainable entrepreneurship with LED lighting

  Jeffrey     10-05-2019     Comments (0)

Sustainable entrepreneurship with LED lighting Have you already started a sustainable business? Or do you think it's time to start? Then it is important to know what it means and how you can do this yourself. In this article we discuss what sustainable business is and how LED lamps can contribute to this.   What is sustainable entrepreneurship? In sustainable entrepreneurship we pay attention to the impact on the environment, employees and society. It is about making a structural contribution to a healthier environment, a better working environment and the welfare of society. Sustainable entrepreneurship is mainly about going a step further than the law requires. The terms 'sustainable enterprise' and 'corporate social responsibility' are sometimes used interchangeably. These two forms of...

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What do I do with my old LED lamps?

  Jeffrey     09-05-2019     Comments (0)

What do I do with my old LED lamps? LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that LED lamps are energy efficient. This means that LED lamps are also better for the environment. Despite the fact that LED lamps have a considerably longer lifespan than traditional forms of lighting, they will have to be replaced sooner or later. But where do we put our old LED lamps?   Recycling of LED lamps By correctly recycling old LED lamps, up to 90% can be reused. Unlike low-energy light bulbs, an LED lamp does not contain mercury or other toxic substances. They can therefore be recycled as small electrical appliances. In almost all cases, the LED lamps show a sign of a crossed-out waste container. They should therefore not be disposed of with household waste. Where should these types of lamps go?...

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