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LED Lighting for Shops & Stores

Advantages of LED lighting for shops & stores:

Save costs and increase energy efficiency:

  • the same luminous efficiency as conventional lamps, while being more energy-efficient and cost-efficient (save up to 60% of energy costs!)
  • reduced maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • competitive wholesale prices  

Increase the well-being of your employees and customers:

  • less strain on the eyes thanks to better vision, fewer shadows and better light distribution
  • improved concentration, less internal tension and less fatigue due to non-flashing of the lighting.
  • a better mood thanks to a more pleasant atmosphere and more visual comfort

Improve the lighting of your products:

  • bringing your top products to the attention of the public in an effective and targeted manner, in a sustainable manner
  • differentiation from the competition by means of more modern, creatively-lit shops
You want to present your products in the best light possible, but also wonder if there are any ways to reduce the high energy consumption of your lighting systems? LED lamps are the perfect solution!
They require half the electricity of regular lamps and, with a lifespan of up to 50.000 hours, they are also significantly more durable. 
As a wholesale business, we offer a wide variety of different LED lamps for commercial purposes, including the interior illumination of stores, malls and shops. 

Product recommendations for shops & stores:

As a specialist for this type of LED lighting, we offer high-quality, but reasonably priced ► LED panels in various sizes and light colours. You can either install them directly in your grid ceiling (normally sized 60x60cm) or use our mounting frames or suspension systems to attach the panel to your ceiling. All of our panels are optionally dimmable (there’s also a colour-changing option called RGB+CCT), which lets you control the atmosphere in your store even better. More information about how to dim your LED lamps can be found in our blog.

LED Track Light Systems

With its high-quality, precise lighting, its long lifespan and high energy efficiency, this innovative ► railing system allows for the maximum flexibility for illumination, even in rooms with an uncommon layout. The scope for design is practically endless! The spots can also be swivelled and rotated, which makes you able to present your products in the perfect, favourable light.

LED Spots

LED spots (or spotlights), as their name already implies, make for a great, customizable and accurate illumination of your products. We offer ► solid spots with installation frames as well as ► recessed spotlights that can be flexibly swivelled, tilted and rotated according to your liking. All of our spots are dimmable - and if you opt for a MiLight LED spot, you will even be able to adjust the colour of your lamp with your smartphone via wifi! Thus, you will be able to highlight your products in an innovative and flexible yet sustainable and energy-efficient manner.


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