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LED lighting in horticulture

LED lighting in horticulture

In order to have a successful farm, it is important to work efficiently. An important step is the use of LED lighting. The switch to LED lighting can help both horticulture and livestock farms to make significant savings. The advantages are especially great for the horticultural sector. For example, think of application in greenhouses, vertical agriculture and other indoor cultivation. In this blog we explain all the advantages of LED lighting in agriculture and horticulture. 


Saving energy

In a horticultural or livestock farm it is necessary to use a lot of lighting. Think of lighting large barns, stables or greenhouses. This costs a lot of energy and therefore money. Switching to LED lighting can save a lot of money. LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting. There is a saving of 60 to 85% in energy and maintenance is hardly necessary. A LED lamp will last up until 50,000 hours. In addition, the light levels are better, the lamps are resistant to vibrations and shocks and the lamps are non-toxic. LED lighting is mercury and UV-free. Replacing traditional lighting with LED is an investment, but it will soon be recouped.


The use of LED lighting can contribute to safety in agriculture. In order to prevent theft, it is important to illuminate a company properly. When using traditional lighting it is very expensive to leave the lights on all night. With LED lighting this is much cheaper and the lighting can stay on during the night. High quality LED lighting also contributes to the safety of employees. 

LED lighting horticulture

As mentioned above, LED lighting has advantages for both livestock and horticulture. For the horticultural sector, in addition to energy savings and safety, there are other benefits that play a role. When plants are grown under LED lighting, this can increase the yield of crops. How this works will be discussed below.

Growing plants with LED

In the Netherlands, experiments with LED light in horticulture have been going on for years. LED lamps are able to counteract certain climatological effects that have an adverse effect on cultivation. In addition, LED lighting is capable of accelerating certain cultivation processes. The use of LED lighting can therefore increase the yield of crops. With LED lamps it is possible to adjust the colour spectrum. In this way, the most suitable light can be chosen for each crop and for each stage of plant growth. Plants need different types of light at different growth stages. Blue light, for example, can help to germinate. Red light can facilitate photosynthesis and flowering. With LED lighting this is easy to control, and because the light colours are already mixed at the source, each plant will receive exactly the right colour spectrum. In this way, the growth of plants can be accelerated and LED lighting can thus ensure a higher yield of a crop.

An example is a project of the Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt. This supermarket chain has done a trial with growing basil under LED lights. The basil plants were grown in a horticultural greenhouse (without glass) under purple light. In this way, the basil plants proved to grow twice as fast as in a normal nursery. In addition, the taste also turned out to be better.

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