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To what should I pay attention when buying LED lighting?

To what should I pay attention when buying LED lighting?

LED lighting has become the new standard. This is because it lasts longer, is more cost efficient in use and is better for the environment. However, not everyone has switched to LED lights yet. There is still a whole group of people who do not opt for LED lights. The main argument is the lower purchase price of, for example, incandescent or energy-saving light bulbs. Although this is the case in the short term, it is not the case for the longer term. It is possible that you don't know what to look for when you buy LED lights. In that case we would like to give you a helping hand. In this blog we will discuss what you should pay attention to when purchasing LED lighting.


Wattage or Lumen for LED lights?


In the case of traditional types of lighting, particular attention had to be paid to the wattage of the lamp. Did you have a 20 Watt incandescent lamp for reading a book? You know that in the future you will need a 20 Watt lamp in order to be able to read your books comfortably. This is slightly different with LED lights. Watt is not a good measure for measuring light. This only reflects the power of the light source. LED lights are much more economical than other forms of lighting. This allows a LED light with about 20W of power to provide up to 8 times more illuminance.

With LED lights, the wattage of the light simply indicates how much power it consumes. Some LED lights are more energy efficient with the power they are given than others. The light output can no longer be read from the wattage of a light source. If you are going to buy a LED light, it is advisable to look at the number of Lumens that the Light source produces and the number of Lumens per Watt. The latter indicates energy efficiency.

How much Lumen do you need for your LED lights? This depends entirely on the room, the function of the room and what activities take place in this room. For example, you need more lighting in an office than in a bedroom. Because Lumen only indicates how much light a light source emits, it does not indicate how much light falls on a particular surface. The light that falls on a certain surface is called Lux. However, make sure that there is no glare.

Explore our blog about luminance to determine your desired number of lumens.

Explore our blog about glare by lighting to prevent glare to occur.


Energy efficiency of LED lights (L/W)


If we know how much Lumen the light source should emit, we can easily choose a light source that meets the right amount of Lumen. Nevertheless, it is advisable to look at the efficiency of the light source. A light source with a lower wattage will always use less power than a light source with a higher wattage. So it is important how much Lumen a light source emits per Watt, or Lumen per Watt (L/W). An energy efficient 9 Watt light source could in theory emit a higher number of lumens than an inefficient 10 Watt light source. To calculate the number of Lumens per Watt, you can simply divide the number of Lumens by the number of Watt of a light source.


Colour temperature of LED lighting (Kelvin)


LED lights can emit a whole range of colours. For example, our multi-colour lights can have more than 16 million different colour shades. In most cases, white light is still the most desirable type of light. However, white light also comes in different types. For example, we use the terms 'warm white', 'natural white' and 'cold white' light. The human body reacts to the light colour it perceives. We explain this in our blog about Human Centric Lighting.

Read our colour temperature blog to determine your desired light colour.


Colour rendering of LED lighting (CRI)


The colour rendering of a light source indicates how well a light source reflects the colours of objects it illuminates. For example, it can occur that an object appears to have a slightly different colour in sunlight, for instance. Good colour rendering is especially important in places where a lot of colours are used and where a distinction between colours must be clearly visible. Think of a clothing store, as an example. You don't want the colour of a purchased item of clothing to suddenly look very different in a different light. The colour rendering of a light source is referred to as the 'Color Rendering Index' (CRI). The CRI is denoted by a number from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the colours very poorly and 100 represents the colours excellently. We recommend you always use a CRI of 80 or higher for interior lighting. For places where colours need to be reproduced even better, we recommend a CRI of 90 or higher.


Dimming LED lights


Be careful when purchasing dimmable LED lighting! In most cases, dimming LED lights does not work with a standard dimmer that you also use for your incandescent lamps. The traditional dimmers have a relatively high minimum power. In many cases, LED lights do not reach this minimum power level. When you connect new LED lights to this type of dimmer, the LED light will most likely flicker. This can cause headaches. When purchasing LED lighting, always take into account how you want to dim the lights. Not every LED light is dimmable. This is always stated neatly in the product specifications of our products.

Do you have any questions about how best to dim your LED lights when purchasing dimmable LED lighting? Please contact our customer service representatives directly. They will be pleased to help you find the right solution.


Ingress protection of LED lights


Not all LED light sources are protected against water and substances. Every LED light is therefore labelled with an IP value. IP' stands for 'Ingress Protection'. It tells us how well a device is protected against the penetration of substances from outside. Indoor lighting can contain a relatively low IP value. However, outdoor lighting must be protected against all kinds of weather influences. Outdoor lighting must therefore have a higher IP value.

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